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Recent Projects

All Things Liquorice

All Things Liquorice

The largest and most comprehensive on-line retailer of liquorice sourced from all over the World. The liquorice is shown by country and by type and the site is due to be further expanded to incorperate a newsletter and liquorice club. The only place to buy liquorice on-line.

All Things Liquorice - Introduction

An interesting project, the client wanted an upmarket on-line specialist sweet shop which appealed primarily to adults and liquorice connoisseurs.

With a sound and deep understanding of the global liquorice market, the client wanted a bespoke designed site with the functionality to expand in the near future.

The site has only been lanched for a couple of weeks and is already showing great success.

All Things Liquorice - Work Schedule

The site was built on the Sticky Web CMS, which enables a tremendous amount of flexibility as well as the legendary ease of use and search engine friendly structure.

Some of the works involved are listed below:

  • Bespoke built and search engine friendly.
  • Comprehenisve customer database with data capture.
  • Fast, easy addition of new products.
  • Designed to reflect the global liquorice market.
  • Integrated with SagePay.

'It does exactly what is says on the tin.'

All Things Liquorice - View Website

The website can be viewed by clicking the image below, or by following this link:-